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Premises licence to sell alcohol

Applying for your licence

Alcohol can only be sold from premises that hold a premises licence or an occasional licence.

As well as the premises licence, the person who manages and operates the premises must have a personal licence. This authorises the holder to supervise or authorise the sale of alcohol. The premises licence holder and the personal licence holder don't have to be the same person but a premises manager must be nominated.

If you already have a licence and want to make any changes or renew your licence you should contact the Licensing office for a username or password. This will allow you to apply online.

How to apply

You can apply online and will also be asked for a layout plan and an operating plan. The operating plan should set out :

  • the activities carried out on the premises
  • licensed hours for sale of alcohol on and/or off the premises
  • details of whether/when children will be allowed into the premises and the terms on which they will be allowed entry

When applying for a premises licence you must also make sure you obtain a section 50 certificate from each of the following departments:

  • Planning Services
  • Building Standards
  • Environmental Services

A section 50 certificate confirms that the premises are fit for the intended purpose. A fee of £143.22 will be charged by each Service when requesting a section 50 certificate from Planning Services and Building Standards Services respectively.

How the application is dealt with

If you haven't heard from us within 28 days please contact Licensing and registration and we will let you know about your application's progress

You must bring proof of identification when you collect your documents.

If someone else is collecting them for you, they must bring something in writing from you stating that you give your permission. This must be signed by you and give the details of the person who is collecting your documents. The signature on the letter will be compared with the signature on the application form. We will not accept an email.

Can anyone object?

Yes. There is a 21-day objection period from the date the application is advertised.

How much does it cost?

The amount varies according to the rateable value of the premises.

Premises licence fees
 Category 1 (e.g. Clubs)  £200 + annual fee of £180
 Category 2 (ratable value £1-£11,500)  £800 + annual fee of £220
 Category 3 (ratable value £11,501 - £35,000)  £1,100 + annual fee of £280
 Category 4 (ratable value £35,001 - £70,000)  £1,300 + annual fee of £500
 Category 5 (ratable value £70,001 - £140,000)  £1,700 + annual fee of £700
 Category 6 (ratable value over £140,000)  £2,000 + annual fee of £900