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Public entertainment licence

If the public uses your facilities for entertainment or recreation you may need a public entertainment licence.

If your event is a one-off such as a gala day, a funfair or a concert you need a temporary public entertainment licence and you should contact the Licensing and Registration office to get an events application pack. You will need to send us seven copies of plans showing where the event will take place and proof that you have third-party insurance cover which should include third-party liability cover for at least £5 million.

How to apply

If you already have a licence, you may wish to make changes to its terms, you can also do this online.

How the application is dealt with

If you haven't heard from us within 28 days please contact the Licensing and Registration office and we will let you know about your application's progress.

You must bring proof of identification when you collect your documents.

If someone else is collecting them for you, they must bring something in writing from you stating that you give your permission. This must be signed by you and give the details of the person who is collecting your documents. The signature on the letter will be compared with the signature on the application form. We will not accept an email.

Can anyone object?

Once we have your application there is a 28-day objection period. Your application will be copied and sent to Police Scotland for any comments or objections they may have.

If you wish to receive notification of any temporary public entertainment events that will be held in your area or a specific area please email licensing@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

How much does it cost?

Full licence fee - £283

Size of venue up to 8,000 persons per day licence fee - £1,000

Size of venue up to 8,000 - 15,000 persons per day licence fee - £2,000

Fairs - £148

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