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Sex shop licence

Conditions of licence

  1. No persons under the age of 18 years shall be admitted to the premises or employed in the premises.
  2. The licence holder or day to day manager shall be in charge of and upon the licensed premises during the whole time they are open to the public.
  3. No "sex article" is defined in paragraph 2 of schedule 2 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 nor any picture or representation of such article nor any notification or advertisement indicating the availability of such an article shall be displayed outside or on the exterior of the premises licensed nor shall such an article be located within the premises in such a manner as to be visible to members of the public passing by the licensed premises.  However, notwithstanding the foregoing the Council's Executive Director (Community and Enterprise Resources) may require a window display.  Such a display would require to comply with the terms of this condition and would require to be to the Executive Director - Community and Enterprise Resources satisfaction.
  4. The windows and doors of the premises licensed shall be of such material or shall be significantly obscured so that the interior of the premises shall not be visible to members of the public passing by.
  5. The licence holder shall retain control over all portions of the premises and shall not let out or part with possession of any part of the premises during the currency of the licence.
  6. The licence holder shall comply with any directions which he may receive from any constable or any authorised Officer of the Licensing Authority or of the Fire Authority.  Any Fire Officer, Police Constable or Authorised Officer of the Council shall be permitted free access to the whole of the premises at any time and all reasonable corrections and requirements of such Officers or of the Head of Administration and Legal Services and the Executive Director (Community and Enterprise Resources), or their representatives.
  7. The Licence or a copy thereof shall be exhibited on the premises and shall be available for inspection at all times in such a location within the premises as to be easily seen and read by members of the public frequenting the said premises.
  8. It is an essential Condition of the grant of this Licence that if there is any change in the Inventory of Articles which are sold, such a change is notified to the Licensing Authority within 7 days of the change thereof for approval by the Executive Director (Community and Enterprise Resources), Head of Administration and Legal Services and the Chief Constable.  In the event of any article not receiving the approval of the aforementioned bodies then such articles will be removed forthwith.

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