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Listed building consent

What does listing mean?

Listing means that consent is needed for any works that will affect the character or appearance of the building. It protects it from demolition. There are also powers which can be used if a listed building is falling into severe disrepair. 

South Lanarkshire has around 1050 listed buildings, including groups of buildings and a variety of structures such as bridges, phone boxes, castles, dovecots and statues. More than half (54%) of South Lanarkshire's listed buildings are in the Clydesdale area, Hamilton has 27%, East Kilbride has 14% and Cambuslang/Rutherglen has 5%.  

Finding listed buildings

How buildings are listed

The statutory list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest is compiled and maintained by Historic Environment Scotland.

The list is regularly revised and updated. When a building is added to the list, Historic Environment Scotland is responsible for notifying owners that their building has been listed and of any changes to the listing.

If your building is listed, you cannot appeal against the decision. You can ask Historic Environment Scotland to remove it from the list if the building is not of special interest.

For more information contact our Planning and Building standards office

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