Inclusive design

Planning Service, design and access statements

The Planning Service will look at the building in its wider environment, including:

  • location of the building within a site and site gradient
  • relationship of the building with other adjoining buildings
  • checking that entrances and exits are accessible and easy to find
  • ensuring paths around and access to buildings are sufficiently level and firm, and that safe, accessible crossing points will be provided
  • that the details and materials to be used for external features such as parking, open spaces, street furniture, external lighting and access routes are appropriate
  • access to public transport - how accessibility by different forms of transport has been considered, from drop-off point to the door
  • car parking - that parking will link safely with footpaths to avoid unnecessary vehicle / pedestrian conflicts, and that street furniture will not create obstructions.

PAN 78 - Planning and Building Standards Advice Note - Inclusive Design provides information and advice on how places can be better designed to create an inclusive environment.

For more information contact Planning and Building Standards Headquarters.

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