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Adaptations, equipment and occupational therapy

Where can I get more information?

There is a prioritised service for the assessment and provision of any needs currently, as demands exceeds the available capacity of the service. All routine or anticipated future equipment and adaptation needs which are not time critical, requires to be met with some alternative self-managed provision being considered by you now, as this level of need and risk will not attract any direct provision. You can obtain support in a couple of ways.

First you can complete our own self-assessment and get personalised advice by using our free AskSara online tool. This has been developed in partnership with Equipu and the Disabled Living Foundation. The assessment will provide you with some of the specific recommendations to help you self-manage any initial needs and to source suitable providers of any recommended solutions.

Secondly there are several retailers, suppliers and support organisations present on both the high street or online and contactable by phone. They can assist you to self-manage the provision of your own equipment and adaptation solutions. The details of some other support organisations and advice agencies that may help you is also available. This can range from the Scottish Government or council services that can help you to secure any eligible disability or cost of living related benefits and some relevant organisations from our many third sector partners.

Many of the simple barriers and risks at home can be removed using equipment or making adaptations. See the signposting and support information for some self- management advice.

Following any assessment that is provided, any agreed needs with be advised with details of any direct and alternative provision being recommended along with likely timescales for provision.

The Scottish Government has produced a useful guide for disabled people in private housing Care equipment and adapting your home.

The occupational therapy staff assessments identify any prioritise needs for minor or major permanent home adaptations. The provider, Housing and Technical Resources or Housing Association will do the work free of charge and can advise of a likely timescale for their provision, subject to their policy and service position. 

Further information for SLC tenants is available on our Housing for disabled people page.

If you are a Housing Association tenant, you should check to see if your housing provider has any direct access scheme for simple adaptations that could allow you to receive support for minor works without any need of an assessment.

Further information can be found in Funding Adaptations to the Home - a Guide for Housing Association Tenants.