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Physical disabilities

If you have a physical disability we have a range of services to help you maintain or get back your independence. This includes:

  • independent living services
  • accommodation
  • day support
  • short breaks
  • vocational training
  • rehabilitation services
  • re-ablement services

If you think you would benefit from any of the above then you, your family or carer should submit a referral form or contact the local social work office.

How to get our services

Your assessment will be done by a member of the Adult and Older People Services team but may also involve a social worker and/or occupational therapy staff or other staff in South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership or other organisations.

As well as involving you in the assessment we may consult with your family or other carers.

We will look at a wide range of options with you and develop a support plan which can be updated if your needs change.