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The State Hospital Service Social Work

The State Hospital is one of four high secure hospitals in the UK providing care and treatment to adult males with mental illness who are considered to present a serious risk of harm. Located in South Lanarkshire in central Scotland, it is a national service for Scotland and Northern Ireland and one part of the pathway of care available for those with secure care needs. The principal aim of the hospital is to rehabilitate patients, ensuring safe transfer to appropriate lower levels of security. Patients who have transferred from the prison estate may return there, following a period of care and treatment, to continue their sentence.  

There are 140 high-secure beds for male patients requiring maximum security care. 12 of these are specifically for patients with an intellectual disability. A range of therapeutic, educational, diversional and recreational services are provided and patients have access to on site GP and health services, with links to general hospitals as required.

Well-developed relationships exist with the Mental Health Tribunal Service for Scotland and the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, and good partnership working is in place across the Forensic Network to ensure these patients are transferred as required.

The Forensic Mental Health Services Managed Care Network (Forensic Network) is hosted by The State Hospital.