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Lock-ups and garages

We own various garage/lock-up blocks and grass sites. Anyone over the age of 17 can apply for a garage/lock up by completing the application form at the bottom of this page. Applications from disabled persons, or their designated driver, who hold a current disabled/blue badge are given priority and all other applicants will be placed in a queue from the date they apply.

Sometimes we have lock-ups with no waiting list - check the local area availability pages to see what's currently listed.

Rent charges are charged quarterly. Vat will be added for non council tenants.   

If you already rent a garage/lock-up, you can apply for a mutual exchange or transfer to another one - you will need our permission to do so. If you want to give up your garage/lock-up, you should complete the termination form below, giving us 14 days notice

Contact your local housing office for further information on garage/lock ups, availability, rent charges, etc.