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How to avoid getting a parking ticket

The best way to do this is to get to know the parking regulations and stick to them.

Yellow lines

Double yellow lines mean that you can't park there at any time. Even it's for a few minutes you run the risk of getting a ticket. A single yellow line generally means you can't park between 8am and 6pm, although on-street signs will give the exact times.

Disabled drivers and residents' parking

If you are not displaying a valid badge or permit you can't park in these bays or areas.

Loading restrictions

Check street signs and lines to make sure loading is allowed. Don't use hazard lights. If your vehicle is creating a hazard, it shouldn't be there.

Parking bays

If any part of your vehicle is parked outside the marked car park or parking bay you could get a ticket. Parking badly can be dangerous for other drivers and pedestrians. It can also stop others from finding a space.

Pay and display

You may get a ticket if your car:

  • overstays the time limit on the ticket
  • doesn't correctly display a valid ticket
  • is parked in a disabled bay without a blue badge

Instructions, parking times and charges are on the machines and on signs. 

Please see our car parks directory for addresses, charges and opening times.

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