Parking fines and appeals

How to pay

You can pay your parking fine online. You can also pay:

  • by credit/debit card over the phone 0303 123 1005 at any time  
  • by post by making a cheque or postal order payable to South Lanarkshire Council, writing the Penalty Charge Notice number on the reverse of the cheque and posting it to the PO Box below
  • in person at any Post Office or where a PayPoint facility is available. The Penalty Charge Notice MUST be produced when paying in person.


Parking fines are £60, although this drops to £30 if paid within 14 days.

Parking tickets

A parking ticket (penalty charge notice) can be given by a parking attendant where you have parked in breach of parking regulations. See how to avoid getting a parking ticket.

Parking attendants have no discretionary powers and therefore can't deal with any dispute or make any changes to the issuing of a parking ticket. Vehicles that breach parking regulations are also photographed.

Lost tickets

If you've lost your parking ticket, let us know approximately when you got the ticket and the vehicle registration number - please either phone or email the Parking Unit using the contact details on this page.


All appeals must be made in writing. Please either email your appeal to the Parking unit or post it to:

South Lanarkshire Council
Parking Unit
PO Box 26275 


If you need more information or help please contact the Parking Unit.

Parking unit

Email: Parking unit