Dropped kerbs

You need to ask us for permission before you can lower the kerb outside your property.

How to apply

You should write to your local roads office. In your letter describe where the kerb to be lowered is and include a small sketch showing where it is. If we get enough information from you we'll give permission in principle within 10 working days.

How much will it cost to get permission?

It's free.

What else might you need?

We will let you know what may be needed before we can make a decision. This could be an assessment by us or it may even need a planning application from you.

Who can carry out the work?

If your request is approved you should hire a contractor to do the work -we can give you a list of approved contractors. They must apply for a road opening permit before the work can be done. There is a fee which is paid by the contractor. They will then include this charge in the cost of the works.