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Previous election and referenda results

Preference profile report data

Understanding voting information from the Preference profile reports

Voting information from South Lanarkshire Council Local Government Elections is now available if you want to know how voters ranked the candidates in order of preference. There is one report for each ward.

The first line of the report shows how many candidates there were and how many councillors were to be elected. The following lines begin with the number of voters who ranked the candidates in the same order. There then follows the order that those voters used. For example, the row in bold below shows that 71 voters gave their first preference to the candidate who appeared first on the ballot paper, and their second preference to the candidate who appeared second. The names of the candidates in the order they appeared on the ballot paper is given at the end of the report.

The figure '0' means that there were no more preferences given to any candidate by voters who used this sequence. The final '0' on the last line shows that the report has finished and no more sequences were used.

Diagram showing voter preferences

If you need more information on the reports or the reports in another format please contact the Election Office