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Sustainable development and climate change strategy

Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy - Our future is now


The priorities have been established using the public engagement feedback and taking cognisance of our legislative requirements and national commitments and targets.

Health and wellbeing

1. Contribute to improving health and wellbeing through environmental protection and access to environmental benefits for all

Climate justice

2. Progress climate justice and ensure the transition to net-zero by 2045 does not exacerbate poverty or inequalities

Sustainable development

3. Influence change through improving the understanding of Sustainable Development and the Climate Emergency across South Lanarkshire

Sustainable transport

4. Improve affordable, sustainable and accessible transport options

Building and infrastructure

5. Progress a transition to net-zero, energy efficient and climate resilience homes, buildings and infrastructure, and minimise the unsustainable use of natural resources and regenerate where appropriate

Outdoor spaces

6. Improve the availability and access to quality local outdoor spaces and services

Health and wellbeing

7. Empower communities to take climate action and be more environmentally sustainable

Zero waste

8. Take action to allow South Lanarkshire to become a zero waste society

Respect environment

9. Enhance, protect, and respect the outdoors and the natural and historic environment


10. Conserve, restore and improve biodiversity, and use nature-based solutions in tackling the climate crisis

Green economy

11. Enable a fair transition to a green economy leaving no one behind

Circular economy

12. Lead the transition to a circular economy and improve resource efficiency through responsible consumption and production, and buying and selling of local goods and services

Net zero

13. Support South Lanarkshire’s businesses in the transition to a net-zero economy and helping to ensure they are climate resilient

The action plan has been developed to ensure the vision, themes and priorities are being addressed in the short term as well as looking to the future.

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