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Adult Home Safety programmes

Adult Home Safety programmes | South Lanarkshire Council
TitleAdult Home Safety programmes
ResourceCommunity Resources
DescriptionAt present there are two main programmes - Be Smart Be Safe (an information giving event on home safety risks and prevention for over 60's and vulnerable adults) and the Lifeline project which provides an information capsule on individuals' medical conditions to be kept in the fridge and used by emergency services
ConclusionThe conclusion of this initial equality impact assessment is that there are not any adverse impacts on any part of the community covered by equalities legislation, or on community relations.

This impact assessment concerned two projects: 'Be Smart Be Safe' which is an annual home safety information event and the 'lifeline service' which provides an information pack on medical conditions of vulnerable people for keeping in the fridge for use by emergency services. Both services are specifically intended to benefit vulnerable people and those over 60 years. Transport is provided to the event and individuals identify in advance any specific needs (e.g. diet, transport, signing etc.) which event organisers cater for. The event location is fully accessible.

Consultation has taken place with the Lanarkshire Ethnic Minority Action Group on the programme with regard to any adjustments required to address cultural differences but none were identified. It is intended to further consult with stakeholders before 30 March 2009 in respect of the intention to extend the programme to cater for the specific needs of adults with learning disability.

Further to the anticipated changes to the programme and the identified consultation, an impact assessment will be carried out.

The programme is monitored by use of customer satisfaction surveys and feedback received and would highlight any adverse impact. This also forms the basis of reports to the Resource?s Senior Management Team and is also contained in performance reports to the Community Resource Committee on a six monthly basis.