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Framework of Assessment and Intervention for Resilience (FAIR)

Framework of Assessment and Intervention for Resilience (FAIR) | South Lanarkshire Council
TitleFramework of Assessment and Intervention for Resilience (FAIR)
ResourceEducation Resources
DescriptionThere is now a growing recognition of individual differences in children?s responses to stress and adversity, and emerging research findings have had the effect of shifting the emphasis toward studying of children's coping strategies and identifying protective factors both within the child and in the interplay between the child and the environment. Resilience can be defined as normal development in spite of serious adversity.

The FAIR seeks to incorporate this emphasis through aiding the process of identifying and fostering resilience in vulnerable children and young people, particularly those who are looked after and accommodated. The FAIR will enable parents, carers, social and education staff to identify protective factors available to the young person and to plan how best these can be mobilised in the interest of the child?s development.

ConclusionThe conclusion of this initial impact assessment is that there are no adverse impacts on any part of the community covered by equalities legislation, or on community relations.