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Public consultation

The previous Biodiversity Strategy ran from 2010-2015 and is in the process of being updated. This document has been produced in consultation with the Biodiversity Partnership and represents the commitments that all partners are making to protect and enhance biodiversity across South Lanarkshire.

The previous Biodiversity Duty Implementation Plan covered 2012-2014 and is also being updated. This document represents the measures that the Council is taking to further the conservation of biodiversity; it has been produced in consultation with various services.

The Environmental Report documents the Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) of these two documents. The Environmental Report illustrates the SEA process and the identification of all potentially significant environmental effects (both positive and negative) associated with the implementation of the draft biodiversity documents.

These documents are available for public consultation from Tuesday 18 July 2017 to Friday 1 September 2017. We welcome any comments you have to make during this period. You can give your views using the contact details within each document.