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Contacting Social Work Services

The Social Work Reception Team provides the first point of contact for all new social work enquiries in South Lanarkshire where there is no current involvement from a social worker.

We will work with you to identify the help or assistance you may need and deal with any concerns you may have. Similarly, you can contact the service for general advice about social work services using our online social work enquiry form.

Where possible, the Social Work Reception Team will be able to deal or resolve the issues that are presented by you. However, If your needs are more complex or you require longer term support we shall make a referral to our specialist social work teams. These may include services for Children and Families, Adults and Older People, Physical Disability or Substance Misuse issues.

The service is provided free of charge.

You can contact us about:

The Social Work Reception Team can be contacted during office hours:

Monday - Thursday 8.45am - 4.45pm Friday 8.45am - 4.15pm

Email: Social Work Reception Team

Write to us at the local social work offices

Alternatively, if your enquiry is non-urgent, you can complete an online form or make a referral for a specific service using the links below:

If you need to contact us outwith opening hours for urgent enquiries only, please contact the Emergency Social Work Service.

Social work enquiries

For calls during office hours

Phone: 0303 123 1008

Social work emergency service

For emergencies outwith office hours

Phone: 0303 123 1008
Email: Social work emergency service