Money Matters Advice Service

Benefits entitlement

Listed below are some of the benefits you might be entitled to depending on your circumstances, but for personal advice or to arrange an appointment give us a call, email or submit the online benefits enquiry.

Bereaved and under pension age

Bereaved and need help with the costs of a funeral

Care for an adult or child in receipt of a disability benefit for at least 35 hours a week

Disabled because of an injury at work

Low income and need help paying Council Tax

Low income and need help paying rent

Need help in a crisis or to get one-off items such as household items

Pension age and have a low income

Pension age and have a disability

Pregnant or recently had a baby

Responsible for child/ren

Responsible for a child/ren with a disability

Responsible for a child/ren about to start nursery or school

Unable to work because of illness/disability

Under pension age and struggling with personal care or mobility

Unemployed and looking for work

Working and have low earnings