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Did you know you could be missing out on claiming benefits? Perhaps you think you won't qualify because you live alone, have some savings, own your own home?

Benefit rules are complex and many people don't claim the benefits they should. Why not contact us and speak to one of our experienced advisers who can check if you are getting the right amount of benefit or identify where you might be entitled to more.

We can check your income and advise if you are eligible for any welfare benefits, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction or Tax Credits. We will also check to see if you could claim other benefits such as Personal Independence Payments, Pension Credit. If so we will support you throughout the claim process.

If you are of pension age, unemployed, disabled, suffering ill health, a carer, working part time or have a low wage you may also be entitled to benefits you are not claiming.

We will ask you about your household's circumstances and will tell you which benefits and tax credits you could be entitled to. We can then help you to complete any claim forms.

Challenging decisions and appeal representation

If your claim for benefit has been refused or your benefit stops due to failing a medical assessment etc we can help you make claims and challenge that decision. This could involve providing additional information to support your claim and asking for the decision to be reconsidered. You may have to appeal to an independent tribunal. We will help you through this process and, if necessary, will represent you at your tribunal. Our Appeal Team has a success rate of over 70%.

Money Matters Advice Service

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