How we prepare for emergencies

What our responsibilities are

We have an Emergency Management Team, led by our Contingency Planning Officer which is made up of senior managers representing each of our main departments.  

Emergencies are random events which occur with little or no advance warning and their causes, whether man-made or natural, are wide ranging. Their scale and consequences are unpredictable but regardless of their cause and location they share some common features in their potential to affect public wellbeing and disrupt the infrastructure and services that support the activities of day-to-day life.

In preparing for emergencies we work in partnership with emergency services, the NHS, the voluntary sector and others to create an awareness and understanding of the contribution each partner can make in resolving the challenges emergencies present.

In a time of emergency our primary concern lies in assuring the safety and welfare of those affected and achieve this by:

  • providing emergency support to the community, for example shelter, transport, information and advice
  • restoring and, if necessary, supplementing Council services which have been disrupted
  • providing technical advice, labour, transport, equipment, premises and any other material or specialist resources that may be required
  • taking the lead role in co-ordinating community recovery issues in the longer term

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