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Archives and records

Burgh records

South Lanarkshire takes in five burgh areas. The records of Biggar, East Kilbride and Hamilton Burghs and those of the Royal Burghs of Lanark and Rutherglen can be accessed at a number of archive services and libraries.

Burghs are the foundations of the system of local government in place today. The Royal Burghs of Lanark and Rutherglen are among the earliest burghs, and were established in the 12th and 13th centuries. However, burghs continued to have an active role in local government until reorganisation in 1975, with East Kilbride Burgh established in 1963.
The responsibilities and privileges of burghs are varied but can include providing housing, licensing, burgh courts, Dean of Guild courts, and the valuation and taxation of property.

All records are held by our Records Centre unless otherwise stated.

The records of Biggar Burgh are held by Lanark Library.

These records include:

  • Commissioner of Police minutes 1863-1906
  • Town Council minutes 1906-1962
  • valuation/assessment rolls 1939-1940, 1964-1965.

The records of East Kilbride Burgh include:

  • minutes 1963-75
  • Licensing Court records 1967-73
  • Burgh Court records 1963-75
  • Dean of Guild court register 1964-75
  • annual accounts 1964-74
  • administrative records 1959-75

The records of Hamilton Burgh include:

  • Town Clerk's records 1843-1926
  • Treasurer's records including valuation/assessment rolls 1909-1961
  • Burgh Surveyor's records 1857-1953
  • records of the waterworks superintendent 1900-1946
  • Water Official notices register 1930-1943
  • Common Good day books 1928-1951
  • Roads and Bridges accounts/day books 1925-1952
  • Works Department day/cash books 1927-1946
  • Water Works records 1910-1951
  • Lighting Department accounts 1935-1953
  • Air Raid Precaution records 1939-1950
  • plans 1933-1947

The records of the Royal Burgh of Lanark are held, in the main, by Lanark Library, with the Archives and Information Management Service holding a small number of legal records relating to the burgh.

The collection includes:

  • minutes 1488-1674
  • letter books 1845-1956
  • accounts and financial records 1721-1974
  • valuation/assessment rolls 1938-1973
  • Commissioners of Police minutes 1855-1900 and Magistrates' minutes 1902-1940.

The majority of the records of the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen is held by Glasgow City Archives.

The collection includes:

  • minutes 1619-1975
  • burgh charters 1542-1617
  • court records 17th-20th century
  • building records 1870-1975
  • financial records from the 17th century
  • admissions of burgesses 1620-1975
  • electoral registers 1832-1931
  • valuation rolls 1864-1975
  • Incorporations of Weavers 1641-1866
  • Incorporations of Masons and Wrights 1636-1758