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Archives and records

East Kilbride Development Corporation

The East Kilbride Development Corporation was responsible for the development of the new town of East Kilbride. It was established in 1947 and wound up in 1996.
The Corporation was responsible for the construction of East Kilbride, and for the attraction of inhabitants and businesses to the new town. In the first 10 years of 'New Town' East Kilbride, the Corporation directed the building of 11 factories, 5000 houses, 50 shops, five schools and seven churches. By 1969, the 17,000th family moved into the town and the development of residential and industrial areas continues to the present day.

Between 1973 and 1977 the Corporation also had responsibility for development of Stonehouse New Town.

The records held include:

  • Statutory Instruments 1947-1996
  • board minutes 1947-1996
  • annual reports 1948-1996
  • financial records 1948-1993
  • press cuttings 1947-1996
  • visitors' books 1948-1995
  • photographs 1949-1984
  • Scottish New Towns London Office records 1972-1978
  • staff biographical material 1968-1994
  • marketing reports and publications c1964-1996
  • promotional artefacts and ephemera c1965-1995
  • PR files c1969-1992
  • promotional films 1954-1995
  • housing manager's files 1982-1995