Allotments and food growing


COVID-19 update: Given the physical and mental health benefits associated with growing your own food, council-managed sites have remained open and are operating in line with current government guidance on Covid-19. Although we have inevitably experienced some delays, plans to develop new sites have now resumed following the approval of the Food Growing Strategy in December 2020.

Allotments and community growing areas encourage healthy lifestyles through growing your own food and taking regular exercise, as well as improving mental wellbeing. Allotments are also very sociable places to be and can be small communities in themselves.

The exact number of plots can change regularly based on whether we need to merge or sub-divide plots to accommodate new allocations.  We currently manage 4 allotment sites and 1 raised bed site and have received planning consent to create a small site in Strathaven.

  • Allers in East Kilbride (107 plots)
  • Richmond in Rutherglen (19 plots)
  • Fernbrae Meadows in Cathkin (70 plots)
  • Murray Recreation raised beds in East Kilbride (70 plots)
  • Lammermoor, East Kilbride (61 plots)

Plotholders are required to sign a lease, accepting responsibility for their plot and agreeing to adhere to the rules and regulations. Regular inspections are undertaken and failing to keep your allotment up to an acceptable standard may result in your lease being terminated.

Due to the high level of interest in food growing, there is a lengthy waiting list and the council are currently working towards the requirements of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

A review of charges has now been undertaken to take account of the requirement to offer plots up to 250m2. Following consultation, a charging framework has been introduced for new allotment and raised bed sites and a review of charges for existing allotment sites will be subject to review to bring these into line with the new charging framework in due course.

Annual allotment and raised bed charges 2021/22

Allers Allotments, East Kilbride
100m2 plot £29.28 (concession £18.95)
50m2 plot £14.98 (concession £9.31)

Richmond Allotments, Rutherglen
All plots £8.99 (no concessions)

All other allotments

m2 charge per annum

Fully serviced site


Part serviced site


Unserviced site


Concessions (over 60’s only)


A fully serviced site has multiple chargeable services such as a toilet, mains water. 

A part serviced site has one chargeable service and charges at unserviced sites are for the lease of land only.

Example charges for a fully serviced site per annum

50m2 £31.50
50m2 concession £23.63
100m2 £63.00
100m2 concession £47.25
250m2 £157.50
250m2 concession £118.13

Raised bed charges per annum

5m2 fully serviced £10.38
5m2 part serviced £7.79
5m2 unserviced £5.19
Concessions (over 60’s only) 75%


Community Growing Toolkit

Even if you have your own garden or just a window box you may be interested in our Community Growing Toolkit.

We have created a storyboard packed full of information about food growing and allotments.

View the map in full screen

Allotment enquiries

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Phone: 0303 123 1020
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