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Community grants

Community grant information sheet

Information to consider before completing your form


The main aims of the Community Grants Scheme are to:-

  • fund activities and projects which bring community benefit
  • involve people in the community by bringing them together to enjoy educational, recreational, leisure and other community activities or improve local environment.

Support can be provided for a range of activities

  • Administration and publicity costs (stationery, printing of programmes,syllabus, tickets, press adverts, invitations)
  • Environmental project
  • Equipment (purchased)
  • Materials
  • Temporary Public Entertainment Licence
  • Annual outing/entrance fees (Transport excludes personal cars and permits only 1 outing per financial year)
  • Specialist transport (vehicles with adaptations to aid disabled access, including taxis)
  • Start-up costs

The following activities are not supported

  • Any sort of personal expenses (fuel, telephone bills)
  • Cost of food and drinks as part of events
  • Foreign trips (bus travel to or from airports/ferry ports can be considered)
  • Hire of equipment or accommodation
  • Insurance/licence fees (with the exception of Temporary Public Entertainment Licences)
  • Payments to organisers
  • Personal clothing (uniforms/team strips)
  • Prizes given out to individuals
  • Retrospective events/purchases
  • Tutorial/speaker costs
  • Labour costs
  • Capital expenditure
  • Repair and maintenance costs

How much is available for grants and how is it distributed?

Each of the 4 areas within South Lanarkshire - Cambuslang/Rutherglen, Clydesdale, East Kilbride and Hamilton, has a budget to cover community and playscheme grant allocations.

Only one award is made to any group in each financial year.  The maximum award available for any one application is normally limited to £1,000 although, to ensure that funding is spread across as many groups as possible, standard awards tend to be lower than £1,000.  Applications are assessed on their individual merits.

Who is able to apply for a Community Grant?

We are able to consider applications from groups who:

  • are based in South Lanarkshire and are non-profit making
  • have an adopted constitution or set of rules
  • have a bank or building society account in the name of the organisation and keep audited accounts (or income and expenditure accounts)

Applications from the following are not eligible for funding

  • Individuals 
  • Organisations who promote or support political aims and objectives
  • Profit making groups, e.g. owners of private nurseries, instructors in a wide range of activities
  • Groups which only exist to benefit members financially 
  • Churches, Sunday schools and religious groups to promote religious activities.  However, applications can be considered for working in the community as long as the funding is used for the community side of the group's work and not for religious activities.  A good example of this are church guilds who are generally eligible for funding

Please note that this information is for general guidance only.

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Community grants

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