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Town twinning

Ballerup, Denmark

East Kilbride was twinned with Ballerup in Denmark in 1965.

The Municipality of Ballerup lies 15 kilometres north-west of central Copenhagen and comprises the towns of Måløv, Skovlunde and Ballerup as well as a number of small villages.

Ballerup is a modern, municipal authority with a lively cultural scene and flourishing business centre - just like East Kilbride.

Ballerup has a wide variety of attractions. As well as live music venues, parks and ecological farms, it boasts more than 300 clubs and associations as well as a golf course, stadium and the Ballerup District Museum.

For history buffs Ballerup and Måløv churches have fine examples of 12th and 13th century frescoes while for the modernists there are stunning examples of modern architecture and art throughout the area.