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Town twinning

Seclin, France

Larkhall was twinned with Seclin in 1994.

Seclin is an ancient Gallo-Roman town, situated 10km south of Lille.

For centuries it has been a natural communication crossroads. Drawing its roots from 1000 years of history, it boasts many fine examples of architecture including the stunning Collegiate Church of St Piat.

Seclin has more than 200 companies and businesses located within its industrial zone, including the Dassault Aviation company. The town also has a wide range of cultural and sporting activities on offer including a theatre, library and a municipal centre for musical expression, a swimming pool and sports hall.

Seclin was the venue for a festival celebrating the elements, starting with water in 1997 followed by air in 1998, earth in 1999 and fire in 2000.