Town twinning

Yvetôt, France

Yvetôt was twinned with Lanark in 1975.

Dating back to the Vikings, Yvetôt in Normandy is thought to have been given its name by the Norse king, Chief Yvar. He is believed to have successfully invaded the Pays de Caux area of France and named the land Yvetôt, meaning Yvar's land.

During WWII Yvetôt came under heavy fire and was destroyed in June 1940. Following the war a programme of rebuilding took place and the town was transformed into the modern town it is today.

Tourism is an important part of the town's success and Yvetôt has many fine places of interest, including the Pays de Caux Museum and the Ivory Museum. There is also the 1000-year-old oak tree at Allouville Bellefosse, a selection of manor houses, chateaux, residences and links to famous writers such as Corneille and Maupassant.

Yvetôt is part of a tri-lateral link with Clydesdale and Hemmingen in Germany.