Noise complaints

Noise from neighbours

No house or flat is totally sound proof and everyone can expect a degree of noise from neighbours. If you have been disturbed by noise from neighbours there could be a number of reasons. These could include the neighbours behaving unreasonably, for example, by playing loud music late at night. Measurements can be taken and the person responsible for the noise will be contacted and issued with a Warning Notice, which requires that they reduce their level of noise to below the limit within a time period (normally the next 15 minutes).

You can complain about noise from fireworks but please look at the Fireworks legislation page first to see the occasions and times that fireworks are allowed.

There are other steps and enforcement options available including seizing equipment, warrants and detention the latter of which are normally only carried out in extreme cases with help from the police.

Where the complaint relates to neighbour noise, we may refer you to our mediation service. we will liaise with Housing and Technical Resources or the housing association where tenants are affected. The Anti-Social Behaviour Unit may be involved if necessary.

Acceptable domestic noise, as measured in a house affected by noise from neighbours levels, is as follows:

  • 7am-7pm - 41dB
  • 7pm-11pm - 37dB
  • 11pm-7am - 31dB

As examples normal household noise is around 55dB and 30dB is needed to wake someone up.

If the noise is happening at the time you want to report it please phone 0303 123 1015 - Monday - Thursday: 8.45am - 4.45pm and Friday: 8.45am - 4.15pm.

If you are reporting the noise after these hours and up to 3am please phone the call centre on 0800 24 20 24.

If you are reporting noise which has stopped please use our online form below.