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Finance and Corporate Resources

Administration Services

Administration Services is at the heart of the council's democratic processes. It organises a wide range of council meetings and ensures papers and minutes of these meetings are made available on our Councillors and Committees website. It also provides support to Strathclyde Fire Board, the Children's Panel and Lanarkshire Community Justice Authority. 

It also deals with:

  • local grants to community groups, youth groups, gala committees and larger voluntary groups which benefit the area and financial support to older people's groups at Christmas
  • civic events involving the Provost and other councillors, to mark important occasions and develop community life.
  • support to councillors so that they can fulfil the range of responsibilities they have. This support includes administrative support and providing them with individual development and training plans
  • all the local arrangements for elections to the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament and the council itself.
  • the Corporate Resources Budget and co-ordinates information on Best Value, performance management and e-government targets
  • archives and information management