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Council plans and progress

Connect 2017-22

Connect is the Council Plan for South Lanarkshire. It sets out our vision, values and ambitions and what we hope to achieve to improve outcomes for local people over the next five years.

At the very heart of this is our vision, which is to improve everyone's quality of life through the services delivered by our five Resources (Education, Social Work, Community and Enterprise, Housing and Technical, and Finance and Corporate) and in the work we do with communities and partners, including the South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership and the Health and Social Care Partnership.

This is the third Connect, following earlier Council Plans published in 2007 and 2012. Throughout this period Connect has been kept under review to take into account all the internal and external pressures that affect the council. Our latest Council Plan continues this process with the aim of continuing to deliver the best possible services and value for money.

Connect 2017-22 was published after it was approved at the full South Lanarkshire Council Committee on Wednesday 6 December 2017.

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