Resource plans and progress

The vision underpinning the Community Plan 2017-27  is 'to improve the quality of life for all in South Lanarkshire by ensuring equal access to opportunities and to services that meet people’s needs'.

The Council Plan Connect 2017-22  details our values, ambitions and objectives, and what we hope to achieve in line with our vision. Performance is monitored, reported and scrutinised by Committees throughout the year; at the end of Quarter 2 (September) and Quarter 4 (March - year end).

Our Annual Performance Spotlights (APSs) help to ensure that our residents and customers are kept properly informed about our services, how they are performing and what areas of improvement we will tackle in the years ahead. The APSs cover all of the council's 11 objectives plus the theme Delivering the plan and achieving Best Value and these can now be viewed individually by following the links on the Annual Performance Spotlights page.

The Annual Performance Spotlights are supplemented by a suite of Public Performance Reports - these short, summary reports cover the main service delivery areas as well as the corporate services which help shape the development and improvement of the council.

Resource Plans

Prepared annually by each Resource, they reflect the ambitions and objectives detailed in the Council Plan. They also provide an overview of the Resource's main areas of activity, summarise service achievements in the previous year and set out plans for maintaining and improving services in the year ahead.

Progress Reporting Timetable  

January to March

        - Local Government Benchmarking Framework Results

        - Public performance reporting material

April to June

        - Connect Progress Report - Quarter 4 for the year just ended

        - Resource Plan Progress Reports - Quarter 4 for year just ended

July to September

        - Annual Report and Accounts

        - Annual Resource Plans/Action Plans for current year set/approved

        - Annual Performance Spotlights (APSs)

October to December

        - Connect Progress Report - Quarter 2 for current year

        - Resource Plan Progress Reports - Quarter 2 for current year

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