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Improvement and how we compare

We aim to continuously improve the services that we deliver to you. To make sure this happens, we have processes and reporting procedures in place.

Internal scrutiny

IMPROVe is the council’s performance management system which enables us to track progress of the actions detailed in the Council Plan Connect 2012-17 and the Resource Plans.

Performance is monitored, reported and scrutinised by Committees throughout the year; at the end of Quarter 2 (September) and Quarter 4 (March - year end).

Empower is the self assessment model used by us to evaluate performance. We run workshops and surveys with a cross-section of employees to discuss a selection of statements and questions about their area of operations to help identifying areas for improvement and action. The actions are then put in place over an agreed timescale.

External scrutiny

The main scrutiny bodies for local government are

  • Audit Scotland
  • Education Scotland
  • Care Inspectorate
  • The Scottish Housing Regulator
  • Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary
  • Her Majesty’s Fire Service Inspectorate
  • National Health Service Quality Improvement Scotland
  • the Scottish Government

The Shared Risk Assessment (SRA) process enables scrutiny bodies to engage with local government in a simplified and co-ordinated way, whilst protecting their independence.

We also take part in a range of comparison and benchmarking activities with other councils and organisations:

  • Local Government Benchmarking Framework  (LGBF) lets councils to work together, to use performance information in a way which will help understand variations, share knowledge, expertise and good practice, with a view to making improvements. At the core of the framework is an agreed suite of performance indicators. We report the results for these indicators, over time, on the website. Additionally, you can compare our LGBF results with other councils' using the mylocalcouncil tool. Not all local authorities are alike and so family groups of 8 ‘similar’ councils have been set up for comparison purposes and meetings are taking place across Scotland to progress this. We are actively involved in these discussions
  • Association for Public Service Excellence APSE
  • Scottish Housing Regulator, HouseMark
  • Scottish Housing Best Value Network
  • Society of Chief Officers of Transportation Scotland (SCOTS)
  • Society of Chief Officers of Environmental Health in Scotland SOCOEHS
  • Scottish Local Authorities Economic Development group (SLAED)
  • Education Scotland
  • Care Inspectorate
  • Society of Information Technology Management SOCITM
  • Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants Information Services (CIPFA stats)
  • Procurement and Commercial Improvement Programme (PCIP)

Performance and improvement

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