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Annual performance spotlights

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Our Annual Performance Report sets out a balanced overview of the council’s work in the year 2017/18.

We aim to provide the best possible services for our residents and visitors, and public reporting of this kind is a key part of the process.

We constantly assess our performance and benchmark our work by comparing it to that of other councils and partners. We make sure we also regularly ask our residents and customers how they think we are doing to gauge levels of satisfaction with our services.

We not only report where performance levels are satisfactory, we also use feedback and performance information to identify areas where we can do better.

Our core vision in Connect, our Council Plan for 2017-2022, is to improve the quality of life of everyone in South Lanarkshire. We aim to do this through collaboration with our partners and communities to constantly improve and ensure our services meet our residents’ needs and aspirations.

This Annual Performance Report is supplemented by a suite of Public Performance Reports – these short, summary reports cover the main service delivery areas as well as the corporate services which help shape the development and improvement of the council.

Performance is monitored, reported and scrutinised by committees throughout the year; at the end of Quarter 2 (September) and Quarter 4 (March - year end).

You can provide feedback/suggestions at 'Have your say' on our performance or contact us at

Performance and improvement

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