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Public performance reports

In satisfying our requirements and commitments in respect of public performance reporting, continuous improvement and Best Value we produce a suite of public performance reports which cover the main service delivery areas as well as corporate services of the council. The reports include:

  • clear presentation of data and results over time
  • targets, where available
  • explanations of the performance indicators, results and future actions
  • comparisons, where available
  • satisfaction statistics
  • links or signposts to more information

These reports are listed under the 'Related content' section on this page.

The Council Plan Connect 2022-27 is the key strategic document that shapes the work of the council. The Plan reflects the experience of our communities and is the result of an extended process of engagement and listening, across the length and breadth of the council area. The Plan explains how we will deliver our services to act on what matters to our residents. It sets out the outcomes to be delivered over a five year period, around a long-term vision supported by core values and priorities that influence how the council works. These public performance reports track the council’s progress in achieving the Outcomes identified in the plan:

Outline of two people sitting at a desk with a light bulb between them, all displaying on a blue background

Education and Learning
- Education of children PPR

In addition to working towards these Outcomes, we recognise that the council will continually aim to improve and ensure effective and efficient use of resources, and that business will be conducted with integrity and transparency and will operate to the highest standards.  In order to monitor and report progress against these values public performance reports are identified under the heading Delivering the Plan and achieving Best Value:

  • Finance, budgeting and workforce PPR
  • Benefits and funding administration PPR
  • Assessment and review PPR
  • Assets PPR

These public performance reports should be read in conjunction with our Annual Performance Spotlights (APSs)  - bite sized web content performance information comprising a case study, selection of infographics and links to other related material - one for each Connect Outcome plus the theme Delivering the Plan and achieving Best Value.

South Lanarkshire Council has a statutory duty to set out a balanced overview of performance to ensure that our communities, residents, and customers are kept properly informed about our services, how we are performing and what areas of improvement we will tackle in the years ahead.

We aim to provide the best possible services for our communities, residents, and visitors, and public reporting of this kind is a key part of the process.

We constantly assess our performance and benchmark our work by comparing it to that of other councils and partners. We make sure we also regularly ask our communities, residents, and customers how they think we are doing to gauge levels of satisfaction with our services.

Performance is monitored, reported, and scrutinised by committees throughout the year; at the end of Quarter 2 and Quarter 4.

You can provide feedback/suggestions at Have your say on our performance or contact us at

Performance and improvement

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