Annual performance spotlights

Improve health, care and wellbeing

Connect Priority 1

This priority is about helping individuals and communities to achieve and maintain good health – both good physical health and good mental health.  It is about ensuring that the most vulnerable members of society receive care and protection, which is provided in a way that maximises choice and independence, in line with the national outcomes. This includes being able to access the outdoors to maintain and enhance good health and wellbeing.

Case study: Deliver better health and social care for all 

On 1 September 2020 the Scottish Government announced that there would be an Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland. The principal aim of the review was to recommend improvements to adult social care in Scotland, primarily in terms of the outcomes achieved by and with people who use services, their carers and families, and the experience of people who work in adult social care.

In South Lanarkshire we are progressing a transformation and service improvement programme across our adult and older people services.  For our review of day care services we consulted with the people who use our services, families, employees and people from other partnership groups by talking to them about what was good about services and what could be improved. 438 people who use our services were involved in the consultation (265 adults and 173 older people). We also looked at a lot of research and guidance about best practice in providing day support which advised on what works well and what does not.

During this time, the COVID-19 pandemic started and we looked at what the situation had taught us about providing support to people.  An Outreach Service was developed where people could choose to have an individual service within their own home or to get support individually within their own community. Some people want to continue with this model and others would prefer a mixture of this as well as traditional services going forward.

Now that we have all the information from the initial review, we will go back to people who use services, their carers, staff and other partners to discuss ideas about designing services that will be effective and meet the needs, rights and preferences of these people.

How we did in 2020-21

Note: some 2020-21 results were impacted due to the Covid-19 crisis