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Annual performance spotlights

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Improve health, care and wellbeing

This priority is about helping individuals and communities to achieve and maintain good health – both good physical health and good mental health. It is about ensuring that the most vulnerable members of society receive care and protection, which is provided in a way that maximises choice and independence, in line with the national outcomes. This includes being able to access the outdoors to maintain and enhance good health and wellbeing.

Case study: Deliver better health and social care for all 

As part of the council’s commitment to improving later life for adults and older people and to meet the future needs and wishes of those people, a programme of Transformation and Service Improvement was undertaken by the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP). This development supports the Partnership to use services flexibly, respond to changing care needs and meet people’s choices and preferences to live well in their own community.

Work is underway on our new care campus in Blantyre which consists of a 20 bedded intermediate care unit, 20 technology enabled homes and a further 25 council houses for rent (part of the South Lanarkshire Home+ programme).

Eight of the technology enabled bungalows were successfully allocated in January/February 2022 with a further 12 apartments due to be handed over in June/July 2022. The technology and modern design of the properties allow a greater ease of independent living and social care delivery. These solutions can range from simple ideas that you would find in any smart home, such as voice activated lights and gadgets, to more advanced and specialised equipment including remote alert systems and fall detection. Together they enable the tenant to do more for themselves while being confident that any additional support required would be available. Each of the properties has been allocated fairly and equitably based on assessed needs.

The new state of the art care unit incorporates 20 intermediate care beds aimed at supporting people to return home or to a setting which best meets their needs. It will provide short-term strength and asset-based supports focusing on rehabilitation and self-care which will be available for a maximum of 42 days. A multi-disciplinary team will work with service users to identify their strengths, assets, and opportunities for self-care – and in doing so, (re)build their capabilities and confidence to maximise their potential and support their goal to return home.

The Centre of Excellence within the facility will promote the delivery of health and care not only to the service users in the facility and technology enabled homes but extend to the people of South Lanarkshire – both by providing facilities for staff training and through the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) zone. The latter has been designed in collaboration with the Glasgow Science Centre to showcase how technology enabled care can be used to support people to live well, safely, and independently at home. This is the first such collaboration between the Glasgow Science Centre and a Health and Social Care Partnership. The care unit is scheduled to be operational by September/October 2022.

Tech enabled homes are changing lives - South Lanarkshire View

How we did in 2021-22

Note: some 2021-22 results were impacted due to the Covid-19 crisis

Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing (EESSH): The target is for 93.4% of council dwellings to meet the Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing. The % of dwellings meeting this standard in 2021-22 was 98.6% compared to 93.9% in 2020-21.