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Annual performance spotlights

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Connect outcome - Children and young people

Our children and young people thrive

What communities told us:

  • Building young peoples’ resilience and giving them skills for life and citizenship is important.
  • The activities available for children and young people are held in high regard and it is important to ensure they are available to everyone and cater to all needs.
  • We should value the views of children and young people and involve them in decision-making and give them a say in how services are designed and delivered.

What success will look like:

  • Positive learning outcomes and positive destinations for care experienced young people
  • Percentage of Child Protection Investigations completed that progress to Case Conference
  • Percentage of our looked after children and young people accommodated in residential placements

Case study: Whole Family Wellbeing

The Scottish Government has committed to early help through the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund, which will support the change and improvement needed to shift investment towards prevention and reduce the need for crisis intervention. Police Scotland and Children and Family Services had agreed to collaborate on an Integrated Safeguarding and Early Intervention Hub model within South Lanarkshire. Focussing on the whole family approach, Family Support Hubs have since been established within each locality to provide a more preventative response to requests for assistance from families and reduce the likelihood of an escalation in risk and concern. Education, NHS and Third Sector are contributing to the work of the Family Support Hubs whilst they embed and ensure South Lanarkshire’s whole family support strategy is developed and reviewed collaboratively. 

Progress to date of our integrated approach to supporting families includes:

  • providing dedicated help to families to help them find their own solutions through a Family Group Decision Making project.
  • recruitment of peer support workers with lived experience who can help reduce the stigma of needing support.
  • refreshed our Parenting Support Pathway that delivers dedicated programmes to help achieve better outcomes for parents and families.
  • put in place a team of early years workers based in NHS Lanarkshire who will provide support to families with children under five.
  • extended a schools-based family project called Pathfinders that will reduce the need for more complex intervention at a later stage.

How we did in 2022-23

Note: some 2022-23 results were impacted due to the Covid-19 crisis
Note: 2022-23 education results are for academic year 2022