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Annual performance spotlights

Connect outcome - Housing and land. Displaying on a blue background with an outline of a house with leaves in front of it. The SLC logo also sits to the right hand side of the image

Connect outcome - Housing and land

Good quality, suitable and sustainable places to live

What communities told us:

  • Provide good value affordable rents for tenants while allowing continued investment, particularly in the current economic climate.
  • Where I live there is a good community spirit
  • The Gypsy Traveller community have stated that ‘By working with the council, our community have been fully involved in the decision-making process about the new facilities making us feel valued.’

What success will look like:

  • Increased levels of affordable rented homes
  • Improved outcomes for households experiencing homelessness, including access to settled accommodation
  • Ensure our repairs service continues to meet the needs of customers
  • More energy efficient council homes

Case study: Barrack Street Ukrainian Support – South Lanarkshire Refugee Resettlement and Salvation Army Partnership

The invasion of Ukraine brought over 1,000 individuals and families to South Lanarkshire as part of the wider visa programme for those seeking refuge. It was quickly acknowledged that a range of accommodation options would be required to assist with the increasing number of new arrivals, especially single people.

The option identified was former student accommodation at Barrack Street, Hamilton. The property was fully refurbished at speed and opened in early January 2023. The project is a partnership between South Lanarkshire Council and The Salvation Army and is funded by the Scottish Government. 

Barrack Street comprises 25 individual flats, each with 6 rooms: 150 single people have been accommodated and supported since January 2023. 

24/7 support is provided by the council’s specialist Refugee Resettlement Team and The Salvation Army. This partnership applies trauma informed practices when providing support and ensures opportunities are maximised through links to other services and partners.

Significant safeguarding work is undertaken by the Refugee Resettlement Team before people move in to ensure community cohesion and to maximise positive engagement with residents from the outset. Very positive feedback has been received from both residents and partners.

Testimonials for the project have been received from many of the Barrack Street residents, two of whom have commented: -

“Barrack Street is my sanctuary and I can start living again. Having the ability to be able to talk and receive support from the Refugee Resettlement Team and Salvation Army whenever I need comfort of being with other people is very much appreciated.”

“The staff are nice and help us enormously, even with food and looking at houses. Local information is easily available which helped us get settled. It was far better than I expected when I first heard about it staying aboard the ship in Glasgow, especially how caring the people have been towards the Ukrainians staying here.”

How we did in 2022-23

Note: some 2022-23 results were impacted due to the Covid-19 crisis