Annual performance spotlights

Promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth and tackle disadvantage

Connect Priority 3


This priority is about strengthening South Lanarkshire’s economy, bringing jobs and opportunities to local people, encouraging growth and investment, and supporting the transition to a low carbon economy which is fundamental to the wellbeing of South Lanarkshire and its residents.  It is also about reducing the gap between the most and least disadvantaged and affluent communities, giving everyone an equal opportunity, and creating conditions which enable individuals and communities to contribute equally and share in any economic benefits. 

Case study: Cambuslang Park and Ride

Significant progress was made during 2020-21 on the new park and ride facility in Cambuslang to encourage sustainable travel.

The development will see 286 new parking spaces created on a site west of Bridge Street and will include 25 charging points for electric vehicles. The development also includes disabled parking, improved walking and cycling access and crossings, and better bus infrastructure near the station.

The project, which is expected to complete by the end of Summer 2021, is a strong fit with the wider development goals for the area and will bring a derelict site back into use and deliver environmental improvements. In addition, the park and ride will support more sustainable travel options for the community in Cambuslang and surrounding areas.

 New park and ride taking shape in Cambuslang - South Lanarkshire View

How we did in 2020/21

Note: some 2020-21 results were impacted due to the Covid-19 crisis

Unemployed people gaining sustainable employment: The target - 400. In 2020-21 there were 410 unemployed people gaining sustainable employment compared to 713 in 2019-20. The target was met, but performance has not improved.