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Annual performance spotlights

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Connect outcome - Communities and environment

Caring, connected, sustainable communities 

What communities told us:

  • Residents value outdoor play areas for children, as well as clubs and activities that give children and young people something to do
  • The quality and safety of local parks, woodlands, nature trails and paths is important if people are to enjoy the outdoors
  • Good neighbours and a sense of community make a huge difference to quality of life
  • People are increasingly feeling the effects of rising prices impacting on everyday essentials such as food, clothing, travel and heating

What success will look like:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Increase in household waste recycling
  • More people reporting a strong sense of community
  • Increased ownership of local assets
  • Protect our natural environment and enhance our green spaces
  • Develop and promote food growing opportunities
  • Invest in services to protect the vulnerable

Case study:

The Climate Emergency and Food Strategy Community Grants schemes have been really successful and have resulted in grant applications for many innovative community projects.

Grants of up to £2,500 were introduced in 2022 to help community groups and partner organisations develop and promote climate change and sustainability focused projects while grants of up to £1,000 were made available to develop food growing activities on council land or within council facilities.

Some projects funded through the Climate Emergency and Food Strategy Community Grants include:

  • Ballerup Nursery developed a nursery/community allotment and garden area. Find out about it on our YouTube channel.
  • Blantyre Soccer Academy and Blantyre Bikes Better received funding to run cycling repair workshops and a cycling holiday club.
  • Clyde Cycle Park received funding to purchase adult bikes for their ‘On Yer Bike’ project.
  • Lammermoor Allotments Association received a grant to purchase a shed with solar lighting pack for the allotment site. They also installed rainwater harvesting facilities on the allotment site.
  • Waste Not Want Not received a grant to purchase equipment for their community reuse and recycle shop in East Kilbride. Read about it in the SL View article Support available for groups as Climate Week gets underway.

Due to the popularity of the Food Strategy Grants the entire fund of £20,000 was allocated in 2022-23 rather than over 2 years.

21 Food Strategy Community grants were approved, with £19,500 paid out to groups.

34 Climate Emergency Community grants were approved, with just over £75,000 paid out to groups.

The Climate Emergency Community Grants have reopened for 2023-24.

Find out more at our Climate Emergency and Social Enterprise Grants page.

How we did in 2022-23

Note: some 2022-23 results were impacted due to the Covid-19 crisis

Percentage of household waste sent to landfill. The target is 10%. In 2022-23 the percentage achieved was 1.8% compared to 8.7% in 2021-22. The target was met, and performance is improving.

See Recycling

Percentage of total household waste that is recycled. The target is 50%. In both 2022-23 and 2021-22, the percentage of total household waste that is recycled was 41%. The target was not met, but performance is being maintained.

See Recycling