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Annual performance spotlights

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Ensure communities are safe, strong and sustainable

We want to build on our communities’ strengths to help them be safe, vibrant, resourceful and engaged. Our aim is to help create attractive, thriving, environmentally responsible low-carbon and climate-resilient communities, neighbourhoods and places where people not only feel safe, but take pride in where they live and can access the services they want, including quality greenspace. We aim to do this through work with communities and people. With the implementation of our Community Justice Plan there is a clear focus on creating an inclusive and respectful society, in which all people and communities live in safety and security, individual and collective rights are supported, and disputes are resolved fairly and swiftly.

Case study: Trees planted in memory of Covid-19 victims

800 fruit trees have been planted at 13 locations across South Lanarkshire, in memory of local people who lost their lives in the Covid-19 pandemic. This was the approximate number of deaths when the decision was made to plant the trees. Funding for the project came through the council’s Food Strategy Support Fund. The trees not only provide a memorial to local communities for reflection, but also contribute to wider community objectives by:

  • highlighting the importance of tree planting for the environment and future generations
  • increasing the level of tree canopy cover in South Lanarkshire as well as the overall environmental, social and economic benefits tree planting brings and, therefore, carbon sequestration
  • complements the work of the council’s Biodiversity objectives by supporting a range of actions around increasing biodiversity as reported annually through the council’s Biodiversity Duty Implementation Plan
  • linking directly into the aims of the food growing strategy and action plan and contributing to the annual report in terms of alternative food growing provision.

How we did in 2021/22

Note: some 2021-22 results were impacted due to the Covid-19 crisis

Percentage of household waste sent to landfill: The target is for less than 15%.  In 2021 the percentage achieved was 8.66% compared to 9.71% in 2020. The target was met, and performance is improving.

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