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Council Tax - changes to your household

If you are changing address, have bought or sold a property or reporting a change to a household, please complete one of the relevant forms below.

Change of household details - agent, landlord or solicitor  

If you are an agent, landlord or solicitor reporting a change to a household, please complete our change of details form. 

Change of address

If you are an owner or a tenant, you can tell us that you have either moved into the area, moved out of the area or have moved from one address to another in the council's area. If you haven't moved yet, please wait until you have as plans can change.

Change of household details - resident 

If someone has moved in or out of your property, please complete our change to household form.

Council tenants must also notify their local Housing office of any changes to their household. Further information is available on our Changing your tenancy pages.

Change of circumstances - Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction

If you claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, you will need to let us know about your household change, so that we can review your entitlement and make sure you are receiving the correct benefit.

Provide evidence

If you have been asked to provide evidence to support a change to your household or a change of address, please see our Council Tax evidence page.

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