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Council Tax Reduction - discount for those on a low income

Council Tax Reduction review

What can I do if I think my Council Tax Reduction award is wrong?

If you do not agree with our decision on your Council Tax Reduction claim, you can use our online form to:

Ask for an explanation

  • If you ask us for an explanation, we will provide this within two months. If you also applied for Housing Benefit, we will include this in our explanation.

Ask us to look at our decision again

  • If you would like us to look at our decision again, you must request this within two months of the date on the Council Tax Reduction notification or the Council Tax notice which first notified you of your award. We will consider whether or not we can change our decision and respond within two months. If you also applied for Housing Benefit, we will look at this decision as well.

Apply to the Local Taxation Chamber

  • If we do not change our decision or we have not responded to your request to look at our decision again within two months, you can appeal to the Local Taxation Chamber. They are independent of the council and will make an impartial decision on your case. To apply to the Local Taxation Chamber, please visit their website where you will find full details on how to appeal along with full contact information.