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Walk to school campaign

Do you drive your child to school? Have you thought about leaving the car at home and walking to school with them? It's better for their health, better for the environment and it improves their road sense.

Each year many children are killed or injured on Scottish roads and most accidents happen near home or school.

By walking to school with a responsible adult, children develop their road sense and they get to know the area and the hazards on the way to school. Even if the school is too far away to walk, you can park your car a distance away and walk the rest.

Walk to school

Walk To School is a national programme. We support 'Walk To School Week' and 'International Walk To School month'. Schools taking part in 'Walk To School Week' are given materials and advice to help them promote the event.

Walking buses

Some schools set up 'walking buses'. The routes for these are risk assessed by the Traffic and Transportation Section. Pick-up points are selected and designated as 'bus stops'. Parent volunteers walk the route, picking up 'passengers' as they go. They also make sure the children are wearing high visibility clothing and carry out correct road safety procedures.

Walk on Wednesdays

Building on the success of 'Walk to School Week', the 'WoW' factor has been introduced, short for Walk on Wednesdays or Walk Once a Week.

Traffic and Transportation Section

Phone: 0303 123 1015