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received by 30 April 2019 for the August 2019 – June 2020 intakes will receive an outcome letter by mid-June

Youth Learning Service

Corporate Connections Board

The purpose of the Corporate Connections Board (CCB) is to make sure young people are involved in decisions about policy changes and how services are developed and monitored.

By various methods young people have the opportunity to feedback on community planning organisations and are able to contribute to how services are delivered and developed.

Membership of the CCB is made up of public sector bodies, both statutory and voluntary, and also young people. The young people are members of the South Lanarkshire Youth Council and the Chair of the Board is the Council Spokesperson For Youth, Councillor Davie McLachlan.

The main role of the CCB is overseeing the delivery of the Youth Strategy and its five key priorities, through yearly Action Plans.

The CCB meets six times a year.

Corporate Connections Board

Phone: 01698 454337