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Air quality

Clean air is important for our good health and wellbeing. That is why it is so important that we all play our part in protecting and improving the quality of the air that we all breathe.
Pollution from road traffic, and particularly diesel fumes, is a significant cause of poor air quality. The two pollutants of most concern are microscopic airborne particles, known as particulate matter, and nitrogen dioxide.

Particulate matter is made up of tiny particles suspended in the air and are produced naturally by volcanoes, wind-blown fine sand and soil or can result from human activity such as emissions from transport and power stations. In general the highest levels are found next to busy roads. Particles ban be breathed into the deepest part of the lungs and can be detrimental to human health. This is especially the case for people with pre-existing lung and heart problems.

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is a gas caused by road vehicles and other combustion processes. NO2 is harmful to health and is associated with respiratory symptoms, inflammation of the lung lining and susceptibility to bronchitis.

If you would like to know more about air quality in South Lanarkshire we have created a mini-website packed full of information including historical maps, videos and infographics.

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Air quality monitoring and reporting

We review, assess and report on air quality and you can review our reports on the Scottish Air Quality website.

We have seven continuous monitoring stations measuring PM10 (particulate matter less than 10 microns) and NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide). These stations are located at:

All sites also monitor PM2.5 (particulate matter less than 2.5 microns) with the exception of the Raith Interchange site.