Council Housing Allocation Policy


We aim to provide good quality housing services at all times. Due to the impact of the ongoing Coronavirus, we are prioritising our resources to support our critical front line services including individuals affected by homelessness and our tenants living in sheltered housing.

Our housing support service will continue to be delivered where possible, face to face meetings will revert to telephone conversations.

Non-essential services, including mutual exchanges are temporarily suspended.

If you are homeless please contact us to discuss your needs. Contact details and more information are found on our Homelessness - How can we help? page.

The council's Housing Allocation Policy aims to:

  • prioritise those with the most need
  • respond to local needs
  • make best use of the available housing
  • achieve and maintain stable communities
  • have a clear and fair process that complies with the law

Who is on the waiting list

There are around 17,245 applicants on the HomeFinder housing register. This is made up of applicants with a range of housing needs, including:

  • statutorily homeless
  • living with friends or family
  • private sector tenants

Over the last year statutorily homelessness applications has gone up from 2,000 to around 2,091.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we let vacant council housing including sheltered housing, you can download the following documents

As well as the Allocation Policy we have eight Local Letting Plans which make sure we can respond to local housing needs and circumstances.

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness see our Homelessness pages.

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