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Arranging your civil partnership

Lodge notice of civil partnership

Bespoke ceremonies by South Lanarkshire's Registrars

Both parties must lodge notice of their intention to enter into a civil partnership. If your ceremony is taking place in South Lanarkshire you can lodge notice at any of our registration offices.

You must lodge the notice forms approximately eight to 10 weeks before the date of your ceremony but no later than 29 days. You should also complete a witness details form. You can get all of the relevant forms online at the National Records of Scotland or from any registration office in Scotland.

In addition to the documents listed in the civil partnership notice forms you must also lodge:

  • evidence of your usual residence
  • your birth certificate
  • your valid passport or other document to provide evidence of your nationality

If either of you have been married or in a civil partnership registration you will require to provide evidence that the previous marriage or civil partnership registration has been ended by death, divorce, annulment or dissolution.

If you are subject to immigration control the Home Office has the power to increase the statutory notice period to 70 days. We therefore recommend that you give 11 to 12 weeks notice where possible. You cannot lodge your forms more than three months before the date of your ceremony.

You can book an appointment online to lodge your notice.

Bespoke ceremonies by South Lanarkshire's Registrars

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