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Arranging your civil ceremony

Bespoke ceremonies by South Lanarkshire's Registrars

We have a wide choice of venues for your wedding and we'll make sure you are involved in every detail of the planning so it is as personal and memorable as possible.

All our ceremony rooms are beautifully decorated but you can choose other venues as long as they have the correct licence. If your chosen venue is not licensed for public entertainment or to sell alcohol a risk assessment will require to be carried out. There is a fee for this. Certain conditions will also require to be agreed for example no alcohol to be consumed during the ceremony.

Costs will depend on your chosen venue, day of the week and number of people attending your ceremony - see our Ceremony booking fees page for details.

As soon as you have chosen your date you can make a provisional booking online. Once we have checked availability you will receive final confirmation within two working days.

Peak days are Fridays and Saturdays, particularly from April to September which can be very busy.

When you have received final confirmation of your booking from Licensing and Registration Services you can pay the ceremony booking fee online.

Nearer the date of your ceremony both parties will require to complete and lodge marriage notice forms.

For more information watch our SLTV film Civil ceremonies in South Lanarkshire or contact Licensing and Registration.

Bespoke ceremonies by South Lanarkshire's Registrars

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