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Taxi/private hire car operator's licence

Guidance for additional wording around door stickers

All additional wording to be placed around South Lanarkshire door stickers must be approved by the Council before being added to any taxi or private hire car.

A list of all operators displaying the additional wording must be submitted to the Fleet Services office before the wording is added to any taxi or private hire car.

Taxi or private hire car operators must notify the Fleet Services office when any additional wording is being added to their vehicle.  Failure to do so could result in the vehicle failing its annual or six monthly inspection.

Additional wording must meet the following criteria: -

  • Only the company name and phone number can be included
  • Must fit round the current South Lanarkshire Council door sticker with no gaps
  • The letters and numbers cannot exceed 4.5 cms
  • The full dimensions of the combined South Lanarkshire Council door sticker and the additional wording must not exceed 37.5 cms in length and 29 cms in depth (taxis) and 28.5 cms in depth (private car hire).