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Taxi/private hire car operator's licence

Hamilton zone - Taxi meter fares

Exclusive hire means that a single fare is payable by any one passenger for the exclusive hire of a taxi or private hire car, whether or not more than one passenger is carried.

Hire of taxi or private hire car (fitted with a taxi meter):- 

  • not exceeding 880 yards £3.20
  • for each additional 220 yards or any part thereof 20 pence - (an average two mile hire of £5.60)

Beyond the area of Hamilton zone - subject to special agreement in advance with the hirer.

Waiting time – 25 pence for each period of one minute or any part thereof (£15 per hour). 

Stoppage(s) at the request of the hirer - 20 pence for each period of one minute or part thereof (£12 per hour).

Fares by time - subject to special agreement in advance with the hirer.

No fare chargeable - for vacant return journey of the taxi or private hire car from the destination of hirer.

Soilage charge - the hirer will pay a soilage charge of £40 if the vehicle is soiled due to sickness caused by alcohol or drugs, any take-away spillage or any other fouling of the vehicle. It shall not be charged if the vehicle is soiled either due to a child being sick or due to genuine illness.


  1. a surcharge of £1.20 may be charged for each hire begun between the hours of 10pm and 5am 
  2. a surcharge of 1/3rd of the normal metered fare may be charged for each hire from 6am on 24 December until 5am on 27 December and from 6am on 31 December until midnight on 2 January
  3. a surcharge, to be specially agreed in advance with the hirer, may be charged for five or more passengers hiring a people carrier type car

The fares structure comes into operation on 4 August 2023.