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Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

How are offenders managed?

The 3 management levels in MAPPA are:

Level 1 : Routine Risk Management

Used in the majority of cases.  The risks posed by the offender can be managed by one agency without significant active involvement from other agencies.  Notwithstanding this, the expectation for information sharing, joint working and collaboration at an interagency level remains.

Level 1 Management is not applicable to Category 3 - Other Risk of Serious Harm Offenders, as this category requires that a significant risk of serious harm exists which requires active multi-agency management at MAPPA Level 2 or 3 only.

Level 2 : Multi-Agency Risk Management

Used, usually in high risk cases where the active involvement of more than one agency is required to manage the risks.

Level 3 : Multi-Agency Protection Panels (MAPPP)

The MAPPP is responsible for offenders at Level 3, who are expected to be the "critical few" who pose an imminent risk of serious harm or where there is a high risk of media scrutiny or public interest in the case.

The adoption of the 3 management levels allows for a consistent approach to MAPPA throughout the country.  Each area has discretion in deciding which cases to refer at which level based on the experience and expertise of the agencies involved, but every area must establish arrangements based on the three levels.

The risk management structure is based on the principle that cases should be managed at the lowest MAPPA level commensurate with delivering a defensible risk management plan designed to address the risk of serious harm posed by the offender.

Sex offending spans a wide range of behaviour and its important that the resources are concentrated against those offenders who may present the highest risk of harm to our communities.  Allocation to a MAPPA Level is a combination of the level or risk and the complexity of risk management required.  The focus of MAPPA is the risk and serious harm to others.